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I still can’t get over the fact that in Gilmore Girls Logan buys Rory a Birkin bag and she just doesn’t get what a big deal it is and yeah he and her grandmother make a big deal out of it but nobody tells her that her boyfriend bought her a fucking TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR purse because she would find that a totally inappropriate gift and it’s just a gross act of disrespect on Logan’s part.

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WHY would you ever buy Rory Gilmore a Birkin bag? I mean, in what twisted world do you live where you think buying her a $$$$ bag she knows or cares nothing about will be something she knows or cares anything about? I hate you Logan. You know absolutely nothing about the girl you are dating.

Anonymous said: i just started season 3 of teen wolf, can you tell me in which epsiode Stiles realize that he is gay?


season 1 episode 1


*sirius black voice* remus will you kill this spider for me

*remus lupin voice* is it trying to hurt you, sirius

*sirius black voice* its on my bed and hurting my heart 

*quiet james potter voice* engorgio

*loud, horrified sirius black shrieking*

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I’m sorry but I was not prepared to find out that derek hale is a landlord in canon

derek hale, the enigmatic landlord who lives on the top floor, has a second cell phone for tenants to call him on, sometimes let’s the students in 6B pay their rent late because he knows how it is. derek hale plunging toilets and changing locks and drawing up leases. bless this character development

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Tamera Mowry Responds to Critics of Her Interracial Marriage ( x )

YOOOOOOO that second insult though. SHIT

And here’s the thing that gets me, she ONLY speaks of love. She doesn’t insult black men, or speak of black men or white men as the alternative or better option, she speaks of love. 

That’s so sad, because it is love. Not an, “I don’t like black men because…”. 

Im crying

I’m almost crying over this. Tamera Mowry is a sweetheart. I had NO idea she was getting so much grief over this! It’s ridiculous! I just want to give her a hug right now. 


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